State Line Gas Service Inc. Residential Home Propane in Pennsylvania

Propane Gas, Tanks & Furnace Repairs & Services in Adams, Western York, and Franklin County

State Line Gas Service offers homeowners and other residents the best in propane gas, including gas tank sales and furnace repairs. Our qualified professionals guarantee every service they perform for our customers, including on-site deliveries, tank installations, propane furnace repairs, and much more. We service areas from Adams County and Franklin County to Western York County in Pennsylvania, so you’re sure to get the best in the business when it comes to propane!

State Line Gas Service in McKnightstown, PA provides prompt and on-time propane delivery even to residential customers.
State Line Gas Service in McKnightstown, PA can supply you with a tank of any size and provide professional installation to ensure everyone's safety.

Propane Gas Delivery from State Line Gas Service Inc.

We provide propane gas delivery for every client, including our residential customers. State Gas Line Service is prompt, on time, and guaranteed to satisfy your needs. Our products and services are reliable, clean, and affordable, in order to ensure the best possible service we can offer. Contact us today for any propane gas products or services you may need!

Residential Installations, Repairs, & Other Services

State Line Gas Service not only sells propane tanks of every size, we also deliver and install those tanks with expert precision and accuracy, to guarantee the safety of you and your home. Our skilled professionals are also able to provide repairs on propane gas tanks, as well as home propane furnaces. To get your home fitted with the best propane tank available, call State Line Gas Service at (717) 334-1276 today!